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Child Care Center License #: 9355019 Subsidized: Yes


  • (252) 456-2160

FAQs for finding daycares in RIDGEWAY

The town is home to a population of just over 1,000 residents and is known for its rolling hills, apple orchards, and trout streams. The town was founded in 1871 by Joseph Ridgeway and is named for the ridgeline that bisects the town. Ridgeway is located just outside of the city of Asheville and is a popular destination for tourists who are looking to escape the city. The town is home to a number of small businesses, including a grocery store, a hardware store, a pharmacy, and a few restaurants.

What type of childcare can I find in RIDGEWAY, NC?

There are approximately 1 licensed childcare facilities in RIDGEWAY, NC. Of those 0 are classified as Family Child Care facilities and 1 are Child Care Centers.

A Family Child Care home is a child care arrangement located in a residence where, at any one time, more than two but less than nine children, receive child care

Whereas a child care center cares for larger groups of children in a facility outside of a private home.

Of those 1 licensed childcare facilities 1 of them are enrolled in a subsidized program.

How to find childcare in RIDGEWAY, NC?

Daycare facilities can fill up quickly and have long waiting periods. If you're expecting you need to begin your childcare search several months in advance of when you actually need care.

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